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Orange Sputnik Software

19th September, 2015
Orange Spuntik @ #dmexco '15

Orange Sputnik Software exhibited at dmexco!

We will gladly share ideas brought from dmexco 2015 regarding how to maximize ROI by implementing high-quality software.

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About us

Hi there!

We are an international IT-services company which operates since 2013 and has an experience in providing our customers with top-quality software development services, management and consultancy as a bonus.

Yes, we are company of professionals with 50 + outstanding specialists in USA, Netherlands and Ukraine. We work on the customers’ success providing them with first-class PHP, .Net, Python, Java, Ruby and other expertise developers. This means that we are 24/7 available for you to create any-level software for improving the company processes, level and increasing company outcome. We know how to cope with all the tasks perfectly well within the smallest time limits, at the same time saving your budget.

We provide the top-quality management for you to stay aware that all work will be done in time.

Our consultancy services include comprehensive coaching in the aspects of guidance of projects, time and budget optimization. We will give you recommendations regarding ideal conditions under which your project will start working even faster than you expect. This minimizes risks from our side.

We provide hand crafted solutions from small software to core business applications. The company works with distributed delivery model which now includes proved capabilities in running Agile and Lean engagements together with nearshore and offshore models. In our work we are pragmatic, transparent, forming the backbone for the delivery approach.

Our customers’ credits describe us as the TOP European outsourcing and outstaffing provider, as we are the best in delivering complex solutions. Our processes and business tools make a solid base for distributed delivery.

Our vision equip us with solid foundation for our business Roadmap and lead every our feature by inspiring our endeavors and goals what we need to approach to be strong sustainable and quality-driven partner.

For people bring perfect working place inspiring them being best they can be.

For partners bring win-win solutions and create mutual enduring value.

For clients being a highly effective tool for resolving their needs and reaching their targets.

For world give quality products and services, outpace people trends and needs and be on cutting edge of technologies.

For us being a highly efficient, fast-moving organization to better future.

Our endeavors are based on our vigorous mission.

It designate our goals as company and is our role model...

To innovate the world

To inspire people

To create enduring value

Founded in 2013, as world-wide software engineering service company headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and Offshore Software Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine, by and Orange Sputnik Software Company is information technology, project and business processes outsourcing and consulting services company becomes your trustworthy partner.

Our #1 focus is on serving emerging software product companies that cannot satisfy anybody else by quality and exact in-time delivery. Now company offers software development, IT outsourcing and staffing services ranging from mobile operators and digital media agencies to start-ups, online shops and product companies.

Our aim is to help our clients to produce software products that signify their digital dreams and key values in a diverse and impactive manner, embracing their market strategies with our premium expertise and experience.

Orange Sputnik Software wants to partner with own clients. We invest in long term relationships with our clients and afford win-win solutions.

Have you got your software developers
anywhere in CIS and you need a piece
of advice regarding their management?


Our company business model is intended to provide premium quality staffing services to your company. Our model imply that we make sure on candidates details are completely interviewed and their work histories are considered before we can introduce them to you.

Our services prove that we find candidates that suit best to your requirements. We give you the chance to spend your valuable time for closing your business objectives, your staffing needs are our work since now.

Our #1 goal is to provide you with enduring customer service to you. Be sure that best IT talents will become a part of your team. I t becomes possible by personal screening our candidates for understanding their potential and reaching the two-side advantageous relationships.

Orange Sputnik Software has a wide IT personnel pipeline embodied by premium IT guys in a myriad of disciplines. Our experts are ready to dive into your project imediately and successfully complete it within the shortest period of time. We are always ready to jump in on the move and handle all your IT project peculiarities, incluting outsourcung, managing the project, providing technical training, onboard and offboarding, HR.

Partnership with us secures absolute flexibility to your working force. Cover your IT-staff needs in peak time and save your budget during low staffing needs. We gave a chance to receive a unique complex staffing solution to many of our customers.

Is hiring high-level candidates with
rich experience and successful
background of a big importance to you?


Many of our customers selected flexibility in development. We provide the devevelopment force specializing in .Net, Python, PHP, Java and other programming languages.

That's why we provide project management as well as software development.

We use agile methodology in project management to have strong project control and limit risks for our customers.

Our managers are trained to use systems development best practices, so you can stay focused on your business and we do the rest.

PHP is a conventional standard in websites development. Actually this is a fundamental technology of modern web. Our development teams deliver to you solutions built using a huge variety of technologies and tools used by business world in high-end software development.

This is a technology that use giants like Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, SIXT, UNESCO.

Orange Sputnik Software share with your own technical expertise and understanding of latest development in digital universe and this bring success to your business.

.NET Framework is a software bundle of tools developed by Microsoft that incorporates applications.

At Orange Sputnik Software we supply you with premium tailored and cost-effective software development services which consist from large set of enterprise solutions for .NET platform that approach your goals, meet your needs, specifications and are gentle to your budget. You can hire from us dedicated .NET developers and they will work only with your project having complete insight of your business model, needs and project and business logic.

We have team of .NET premium developers at our disposal which have necessary proficiency, exceptional experience and specific competence for delivery of quality standalone applications and different web solutions built with .NET Framework.

Python language was invented to have strong source code readability and clear syntax for better projects support and share between team members.

It helps to developers work faster and more comfortable. This programing language is used for huge variety of tasks from testing microchips to powering NASA projects in time critical applications.

Orange Sputnik Software has team of experienced Python developers. They are experts in Python software development, which is cutting edge nowadays technology.

Our Python experts can use frameworks as Django, web2py, Pylons, Quixote, Zope, TurboGears, Webware, CherryPY and so on. Our Python developers are ready to take challenge from you as they have power to provide high quality work for you.

There is no practical limit in technologies, methods, environments or tools to Orange Sputnik Software experts can use with confidence and competence.

Our business model has coverage of all phases of the development lifecycle and numerous useful templates and checklists and used as main guide for project execution from day to day.

However, when customers request their own or another methodology we are ready to accommodate this requirement.



We are proud to work with Global IT companies all over Europe, Americas and Asia. Providing customers with high-quality development, we received many satisfied feedbacks

In case of need we will give you selected
information regarding our customers projects
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