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Orange Sputnik is your trusted partner in high-quality and cost-effective software development.
Orange Sputnik is high-quality IT Staffing Company that provides expertise in web design and web development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions development and quality assurance and testing.

Technical expertise
Technological proven expertise
Clear operational workflow
Clear operational workflow
Quality addicted
Quality addicted
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Always on schedule
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Orange Sputnik wants own clients have a real feel of win-win solutions and spirit of partnership.
And so, we invest in long term relationships providing trusty and transparent cooperation with our clients deliver more than expected.

Founded by the end of 2013, as world-wide software engineering service company and proven staffing provider headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and Nearshore Dedicated Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine, by Jan-Willem Verhees and Igor Popov. Orange Sputnik is IT Outsourcing, Project outsourcing, business processes outsourcing (BPO) and consulting services company becomes your trustworthy partner. Our great expertise is to deliver most relevant IT ninjas to companies with capacity shortage and startup with great super-stars as well. Our customers are mobile operators, digital media agencies, social networks, automated systems to control drones, different startups, eCommerce online shops and offline shops as well. Our goal is to help our clients to build own software that signify their digital ideas, concepts and values in a diverse and impactive manner, embracing their targets with our premium expertise and experience.

Orange Sputnik Software

Our team

Igor Popov
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Leonid Fokin
Business Development Manager
Sergii Maksuita
QA / Process Account Manager

Happy Clients References

Rory Ligthart, Notice Branded Media
Rory Ligthart
We have a successful and very pleasant cooperation over 4 years. I got to know you in those years as someone who not only has a lot of expertise and experience in IT and software development, but also is transparent, direct and reliable, and nice to work with. Your knowledge of programming languages ​​and structuring very welcome when prompted your scientific advice. You're tenacious if you must, but also consider and are flexible as it can.
John Colton, Atlanta Fox
John Colton
Atlanta Fox
With Orange Sputnik Software we saved a lot of time for useless explanations to our development team and finished the project even before deadline. It's good that company know which profiles are required for assembling the right team, and that gives the right advice on IT architect area and structures you see through and can put up.
Erin Victoria Blum, One Media
Erin Victoria Blum
One Media
In our experience, Orange Sputnik offers a high return on software development investment. Many of our clients are excited about new version of our advertising platform. On a personal note, it is a pleasure working with Orange Sputnik, and certainly we keep to cooperate. This is our #1 in the list technical advisor we speak to.
George Paul, RocketRoxx
George Paul
Thanks to Orange Sputnik Software we understood that project flow can be much faster and more qualified than before! The control you give to the teams is positive and quiet nature, so people want to work for with your business and be a part of it.
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