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IDEASVOICE is on a mission to boost startups and companies in helping them find their right executive team around the world and grow the notoriety of exciting projects and talented entrepreneurs around the world.
The platform was built from ground up and the development includes everything from backend architecture development to web design.


Create a platform for business project owners (entrepreneurs) looking for partners and those in search of projects to get associated (future partners). IDEASVOICE helps to connect entrepreneurs with their future partners and promote projects and the talents of its members.

Patricia Egard, IdeasVoice
Patricia Egard
Orange Sputnik is a solid company and we have been always get more than expected since we started our cooperation. Originally, we wanted to hire remote developers to cut our costs, but another step was to hire the right people fast. Glad to say, that Orange Sputnik has a big pool of skilled developers with good command of English. And so, at the same time with close proximity in just 2 hours of flight you can access highly skilled developers easily with minimum efforts. It is only one hour gap with no cultural difference in comparison to 4-5 hours gap with India with huge cultural difference. And for sure, you reduce your costs. Thanks to nearshoring we pay three times less salary for our developer than that would be in France or Netherlands. Now with Orange Sputnik we have our 3 right developers hired within 2 weeks. Here, in Holland it would take more than 3 months to find the right developers and it would cost you more.
Database migration

Upgrade existed database to have more scalability and more predictable results

Project implementation

Complete code review and rewrite to fit latest technologies and best performance

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Develop mobile applications for Android and iOS phones based on best UX/UI practices

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