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iDronect - making drone flights easy & safe

What has been done

IDRONECT aims to make flight management safe and intuitive for everyone. Authorities can use the system to approve and authorise flights quickly and easily. The system ensures that the input for the DGLV's administrative process is extremely clear and accurate. The use of IDRONECT will reduce the number of erroneous requests to zero. The documents which end up at the DGLV will be clearly labelled, so the administration team will immediately know what action is required. To give a concrete example, if a professional drone operator wishes to perform an activity with a ‘high risk’ level (such as flying above large crowds), a specific file must be sent to the DGLV. IDRONECT automates this process, immediately asks the pilot the right questions, flawlessly charts the safety risks and ensures that the file immediately becomes visible in the correct manner in the IDRONECT tool used by the DGLV. This will naturally save the government and the pilot a great deal of time and money.


To adapt IDRONECT so it would still give the users full administrative and intuitive support, enabling them to focus on their mission: flying drones in a safe and compliant manner.

Chris De Rouck, iDronect
Rory Ligthart
We have a successful and very pleasant cooperation. I got to know you in those years as someone who not only has a lot of expertise and experience in IT and software development, but also is transparent, direct and reliable, and nice to work with. Your knowledge of programming languages ​​and structuring very welcome when prompted your scientific advice. You're tenacious if you must, but also consider and are flexible as it can.
Project implementation
Mission Control

You start out by choosing your flight location. The map very easily indicates which airspace you will be flying in.

UI/UX Design
Logs are linked to profile views

When you have a look at your neat pilot profile or drone profile, you will see how much you or the drone have flown. That’s also true for the accessories by the way.

Database migration
Flight Scenario-centered approach

We know you want to fly, and we are building your support tool to do just that.

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