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Digital Signage project

What has been done

Easyscreen is part of Notice Branded Media, an innovative company which has been creating, developing and maintaining digital media since 1999. Notice provides digital signage and in-store radio to more than 80 national and international chains representing thousands of branches in virtually every field imaginable.


Create the proper architecture for project, considering future roadmap, and develop first 2 versions of minimum viable product. Imply possible stand-alone installations based on end-customer hardware. Apply latest design trends to already existed projects to deliver better UI/UX to the end-customers.

Rory Ligthart, Notice Branded Media
Rory Ligthart
We have a successful and very pleasant cooperation over 4 years. I got to know you in those years as someone who not only has a lot of expertise and experience in IT and software development, but also is transparent, direct and reliable, and nice to work with. Your knowledge of programming languages ​​and structuring very welcome when prompted your scientific advice. You're tenacious if you must, but also consider and are flexible as it can.
Project implementation

Web-based Digital Signage solution, as well as Android app for Easyscreen

Database migration

Transfer existing database to newly creating solution and extend capabalities

UI/UX Design
UX/UI Design

Apply best latest UX/UI design solutions and rework all application to deliver easy to use interface

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