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What has been done

Consumer Electronics (CE) is a fast moving industry, with a big influence on our daily life. The gap between the industry and the customers is getting bigger since retailers’ profitability is under pressure for a long time cause today primary focus is on price and volume. That create lack of trust, irresponsible manufacturing, lack of genuine quality service, high retail employee turnover and a change of consumer behavior.
This needs in fundamental changes and disruption. TechBuddy main focus is the customer and long-term relationship with them – all based on a scalable platform.


Create a mobile application based on a scalable platform for building great relations with end-customers to re-position customer power, which will lead to a sustainable, satisfactory consumption.

David Ovsepian, TechBuddy
David Ovsepian
We are very very happy with the service you have provided for us. We are growing fast thanks to you and now we settled in Spain as well. When TechBuddy started 1 year ago, one of the basic ideas was to create more jobs especially for young and new arrivals. Since start we have together created 2437 working hours, isn't that amazing?
Database migration

Upgrade existed database to have more scalability and more predictable results

Project implementation

Complete code review and rewrite to fit latest technologies and best performance

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Develop mobile application for iOS phones based on best cutting edge UX/UI practices

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