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Best Angular developers for Hire in Ukraine ...

Best Angular developers for Hire in Ukraine

Being one of the most popular platforms for building web applications, angular is rather popular among Ukrainian developers. According to the Payscale numbers, Ukraine is in top-10 countries that possess angular professionals. Adding the lowest average European salary for such kind developers, Ukraine looks pretty interesting destination to rely on in your business needs.

The decision to hire angular developers in Ukraine will open to you numerous advantages. Make it with Orange Sputnik, and you’ll receive reliable service and quality of remote engineers, while distracting details will be our solicitude.

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Why Hire Angular Developers with Orange Sputnik?

Orange Sputnik promotes a modern approach to remote work in the IT-sphere, called Staff Augmentation. In short, we give seven advantages to our clients that want to hire angular developers:

  • 400+ CVs of angular specialists database
  • Fast hiring process (reduce time and money spending, especially for small businesses)
  • No need to organize working facilities at your home office
  • Direct control over the angular web engineers without any intermediary
  • Comfortable cooperation conditions (almost absent time gap for Euroreap employers and appropriate level of English of most Ukrainian developers)
  • Possibility to expand/reduce a team of angular developers anytime without problems
  • Implementation of additional features in Ukraine (working culture specifics, agile manager) if needed

Located in Ukraine

Being located in Ukraine and having 5+ years of experience in staff augmentation, Orange Sputnik creates the most suitable conditions to hire developers for startups and IT businesses from abroad.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation approach during the COVID-19

Learn more how Staff Augmentation Services save costs and give more flexibility in hiring and retaining Remote Developers during the COVID-19?

Which angular developers Skill Set does fit Your startup Needs?

As angular is only a framework for web development, one who seeks for the specialist, knows all the technical aspects that a needed worker should know. Among the most common requirements is experience and understanding some of the following programming features:

  • Standards - (ECMAScripts) ES6, ES8
  • Fundamentals - HTML, CSS (including Sass, Less, SCSS), PHP, C#,
  • Programming languages - Core Javascript, TypeScript
  • Package managers - Node Package Manager (npm), Bower
  • Task runners - Grunt, Gulp, webpack q
  • Testing programs - Git, karma, Jasmin, Mocha, Chai
  • Reactive extensions - RxJS
  • Browser architecture - API, REST
  • Methodologies - KISS, DRY, SOLID

Angular vs other JS Frameworks

There is a lack of direct statistics related to the number of Angular developer in Ukraine, but there is plenty of partial data. According to LinkedIn, more than 60k engineers from Ukraine stated that they could work with JavaScript tools. When we move a magnifying glass on this broad area (thanks to Indeed.com), the spreading of 5 most popular JS frameworks job postings looks like the following:

Top 5 Java Script Frameworks in Ukraine

There are no doubts that spreading inside JS looks like in the table, which means that Angular is among the most necessary and popular programming tools in Ukraine. Therefore, finding an appropriate specialist from the variety of available ones will not be a problem, especially if you give this task to our experienced team.

Choosing a new worker for small business is a challenge that requires huge attention

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How many do Angular developers earn?

Average annual salary of Angular Developer over the world

As Angular has many versions with appropriate numeration, including angularJS as the oldest one, the salaries of the specialist may vary. Logically, the newest versions of popular programming platform are usually represented by the lower number of specialists, which turns on a supply-demand mechanism and lead to lower wages for engineers that use the first versions. Another clear dependence is on the experience and skills level, where seniors earn more than juniors.

All in all, the most interesting is still the comparison of numbers between countries. The graphic below shows the average wages of all Angular developers among states:

Average annual salary of Angular Developer

What is important, there is no direct correlation between the wages and quality of the angular developers. Those numbers are more about the level of life in the countries, and Ukrainian programmers just need a smaller salary to produce qualitative IT products. For European startups, it opens additional possibilities as a planned budget can be reduced for other needs, or the enterprise can better motivate a remote engineer from Ukraine.

Angular developer salary in Ukraine

The actual approximate annual wage of $25,200 in Ukraine doesn’t fully show all the possibilities that business owners may meet in the country. Of course, wages also depend on the level of experience, which opens broad possibilities to find the cheapest variant. One should always remember that information from CV is not a single or final spot in decision making, and the employer can choose the most appropriate variant after personal interviewing.

So, if you decided to hire angular developers with Orange Sputnik, you can rely on the next numbers:

Angular developer salary in Ukraine

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