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Orange Sputnik focuses on reducing your team costs, starting with the hiring and onboarding processes and ending with legal issues. Businessmen better have to focus their own time and force on developing a product itself, developing their clients’ relations while we take care of distracting details. We provide a rapid hiring process with further reliable office conditions, the newest technical working infrastructure, and full legal support of your remote dedicated team.

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Why Hire Front-End Web Developers in East Europe?

Building a team from developing countries isn’t a new trend, but our new approach makes things more comfortable and reliable. We are in close contact with more than 50,000 web developers that require lower wages for qualitative work. Ukraine is among the most suitable countries for working with as they have many experienced specialists, while almost absent time gap ensures reliable online work.

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in Ukraine

Orange Sputnik has offices in all the biggest Ukrainian cities and provides stable working conditions for remote teams. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price-quality ratio of Ukrainian web designers and javascript specialists.

Front-End vs Back-End vs Full-Stack

Creating a web product can be divided into two parts: back-end (Server Side) and front-end (User Interface). The first one is oriented on the most reliable program functioning as a technical item, while the second is focused on the visual patterns and interaction with the user. Full-stack specialist combines the abilities of both web designers and creates all the layers of a web product.

Front-End Development Stack

The variety of directions that are needed in front-end web development is enormous and depends on the specificity of needs. The most popular positions are related to:

    • JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue)
    • CSS libraries (Bootstrap, Material Design CSS Frameworks)
    • CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, Stylus)
    • CMS: Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
    • eCommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart)
    • Responsive design, Cross-Browser development, AMP (Acelerated Mobile Pages), PWA (Progressive Web Applications)
    • Web components
    • Browser plugin development
    • PHP web developers

All these development stack variety increases for specific requirements of the required developer level, as there could junior, middle, and senior specialists in every topic. We will help to define the most appropriate choice, including, but not limited to, the price-quality ratio.

Which Web Development Skill Set fits Your project Needs?

Even though the answer seems to be clear, you should understand all the advantages and drawbacks before making the final choice. It would be better to hire:

  • Front-End specialist, if you
    • have narrow tasks related only to UI (user interface)
    • don’t need understanding back-end specifics
  • Back-End specialist, if you:
    • have narrow tasks related only to server-side
    • don’t need understanding front-end specifics
  • Full-Stack specialist, if you:
    • have wide scope tasks in web development
    • possess limited funds

You could have some other clauses to be taken into consideration, and Orange Sputnik will help in solving the most unexpected issues related to hiring web developers and build dedicated teams.

Front-End Developer Salaries

There is plenty of statistics about the salaries of front end developers, which varies according to experience and specificity of the position.

How Much Do Front-End Developers Earn?

The average number is about $71K per year, starting with $47K and ending with $108K (there are also wages outside this scale, but their numbers are too small to rely on in statistics).

Front End Developers Earn

The next chart shows the distribution of web developers according to their experience and confirms a growing demand for that kind of specialist. However, one can expect a decline in the average salaries for experienced programmers as in a few years their number will be too massive and the competition will be more robust.

Developers experience growing demand

Developers popularity by Skills

At the same time, it is much easier to choose a specialist from JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 as those directions are more popular among front end developers.

Salaries' dependence on experience

Salaries' dependence on experience looks quite logical, excluding a 20+ year interval as the difference between 10+ is too small. It is more likely a cap in effect. The full statistic is shown below:

Pay expirience level front end developer

Salary Distribution by Skills

The following information can be useful for those who did not decide yet on which programming approach the product should be built on. As it could be seen below, ReactJS and AngularJS specialists earn more than average $71,297 annual salary in the regarded sphere.

Comparison of salaries in Europe and the USA

Front-End Web Developer Salary in the US

The USA is among the leaders in average web developers’ salaries in the world. However, salary distribution inside the country varies significantly and could be seen below:

Front End Developer Salary USA

Front-End Web Developer Salary in Europe

The difference between the European front end web developers varies in accordance with the location of the country, life level, and other related aspects. Even though the statistics below as of 2016, it shows a difference between countries.

Front-End Web Developer Salary in East Europe

Eastern Europe presents interesting specifics: the region shows rapid development in the IT sector but represented by specialists with low salaries. Among the countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary, the best price-quality ratio is in Ukraine.

To conclude, one can admit that one of the cheapest options to hire frontend developers for remote work is to pay attention to Eastern Europe. And Ukraine present best-growing trend in the IT sector and combine it with reliable quality. Orange Sputnik is ready to help your business and take care of distracting details, which allows our clients to focus on the product developing. Such an approach could help startups with a limited budget and to qualified businesses that want to expand their team or decrease costs as well.

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Today Orange Sputnik operates offices in Sofia and Utrecht.


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