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Java Script Technologies

JavaScript developers hiring:
What these programmers do, Why needed,
and Where to find?

  • What tasks are java specialists can accomplish?
    As Java is one of the most versatile programming languages, an experienced coder can build or change all the sides (both front-end and back-end) of a reliable software product. Knowing additional scripts or frameworks only expands already ample opportunities.
  • Why are they in huge demand in the software business?
    The regarded engineers use the most widespread coding approach that is popular due to a comparatively simple method of creating a multiplatform soft with support of almost all needed functions in current networking.
  • Where to seek the most suitable java programmers?
    Ukraine presents a considerable number of different level developers, which require lower salaries for the same quality compared to Europeans, which opens additional possibilities to startups and IT businesses for further growth.

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What kind of javascript developer you need?

What javascript developer do and what javascript developer should know?

What kinds of JavaScript engineers exist?

Number of Active developers 2020

According to numerous surveys, JS is the most popular programming language nowadays. It received vast popularity due to its versatility and flexibility. The specialist who knows this technology can build multi-platform applications, fulfil websites with various interacting features, form server logic, prepare APIs, and many more. As there are numerous features and functionality inside JavaScript, it’s hard to imagine a one-purpose geek who can deal with all the sides of a huge application, so specialists are usually divided into three major groups:

  • front-end
  • back-end
  • full-stack

Which mobile app development approach is the best?

There is no definite and undeniable answer on this question as many variables exist. The list of the most important aspects that may influence the choice looks like the following:

  • budget
  • time-to-market
  • UI/UX requirements
  • technical specifics
  • other preferences

Traditionally, different startuppers have diverse conditions and opportunities, which led to the appearance of all the approaches. Thus, Native is the most reliable method, but also the most time- and cost-consuming one. Cross-platform and hybrid are cheaper and faster while they are restricting functionality, speed, and UI/UX features. Furthermore, the decision between the last ones can be made even on the already presence of the specific developer in the team who can fastly adjust the app code to the market needs.

Back-end and Full-stack JavaScript Programers

Back-end programmers are focused on providing stable work of the web application that is hidden from the user. Usually, those kind developers have to focus on the reliable work of database, RESTful API, and server. As JavaScript is a universal programming language, it combines the same syntax to code both on the front and back end of the application. Similar to producing user side of web products on JS, there are particular frameworks to use on the back-end.

Back-end JS Frameworks

Node.JS Developer

One of the most popular environments to write a server-side is Node.js. This trendy approach is usually used for mid-size applications and suggests asynchronous platform for implementing creative solutions. It also has reliable performance/efforts ratio, which is only facilitated with the general JS idea of making dynamic web pages on both sides of the applications.

Meteor.js Developer

Another popular back-end platform is Meteor.js, which allows connecting front-end solutions created on Angular or React with server-side based on NodeJS. Moreover, MeteorJS can implement mobile development applications (built on Cordova, for instance) and looks the right choice for creating back-end JavaScript code with the possibility to adjust it according to the particular needs.

Express.js Developer

One more variant to rely on while working with JS back-end solutions is Express.js, which is called a ‘standard server framework’ for Node.js. This product is quite smaller and has less functionality compared to Meteor.js, but possibilities can be added via specific plugins. In other words, it is an underlying platform for creating applications with RESTful APIs.

Full-stack JavaScript Coder responsibilities

A full-stack engineer is a person who combines the functionality of both front-end and back-end software engineers. In this case, the explanation of the full-stack developer’s role in the application creation significantly simplified after explaining the user interface and server-side separately. JavaScript is the perfect instance to show that different sides of the application’s functioning can be built without loss in the quality due to single coding syntax.

All these lead to several conclusions. Thus, that is why full-stack developers usually rely on JS when choosing a programming language for completing the whole cycle of the application creation. The same reason made JavaScript the most popular language in web coding. Another outcome is the desire of small firms and startups to hire a full-stack JS programmer for their needs as it saves costs and allows creating a flexible and widespread solution that can be improved in future with ease.

Front-end JavaScript developer

As we mentioned above, JS allows building or improving both sides of the web product. However, inexperienced people still think that front-end and JavaScript are synonymous concepts while they are not. Indeed, modern JS programmer usually knows front-end of web product as most applications are built on this language, but not every front-end developer knows the back-end that can be realised on this technology.

JS Frameworks and Libraries

Although, every conversation inside this topic should contain information about frameworks and libraries as those instruments are an inevitable part of a professional JS programmer. A framework or a library is, actually, a set of decisions and approaches in the form of already done pieces of code. As multiple functions repeat throughout programs and applications, programmers use those ready pieces instead of writing code from scratch.

Which technology to use?

Every employer has to understand that JavaScript is a too broad concept to rely on when finding a front-end specialist. If you need to remake/upgrade IT product, you should clearly know which libraries and frameworks were used before to find the most appropriate candidate with specific experience. If the product is new, the startupper has to decide which technology to use, and here a few elements can play a vital role:

  • Perspective. Some of the technologies are gaining momentum, while others start losing their popularity even being on the top.
  • Specific approaches. Even the top frameworks and libraries have some principal differences and unique features, so chose the best fit precisely for your technical needs.
  • Previous experience. People prefer to use methods and approaches that were successful in the past, and that is a good decision even if you may change the programmer and technology.
  • The advice of the CTO or developer. If one has a team with a reliable software engineer inside, JS framework and library should be chosen by such a person.
  • Taste. A bit tricky item in this list, but programming languages and approaches are rather similar to other types of art, where feelings and taste sometimes cannot be explained but influence the decisions.

Top-6 most popular JavaScript frameworks

Even though some programmers prefer using Vanilla JavaScript as the pure default language for coding in Web, different JavaScript frameworks have already become super popular. Not surprisingly as they help in solving numerous scalable tasks in diverse and suitable ways. According to the State of JS Survey, the situation with the most popular JS frameworks looks like on the following picture:

Top 6 javaScript frameworks

There are no doubts that React is the most popular JS framework currently, but the number of programmers that want to try VueJS makes it the most fast-growing and perspective approach. The top-3 closes Angular (AngularJS and Angular 2+ simultaneously), which also holds a great piece of JS frameworks’ pie.

Although one has to understand that those approaches are recently developing and will get regular updates in future, so the situation can change any time. Therefore, if you are looking for the best framework for building a new web application, you should evaluate pros and cons of the top propositions in terms of technological methods that are essential in the particular case. Another crucial element for young entrepreneurs is to understand the correlation between the popularity of framework and number of available software developers (and ease of their hiring, as a result).

Top-6 most popular JavaScript Libraries

The situation with defining the best JS libraries is quite different compared to frameworks, and here Skillcrush detection mechanism comes to the rescue. According to this approach, about 30% of websites are using a few JS libraries simultaneously. It leads to about 1,3 million JS library detections in 1 million most popular worldwide websites. The spread chart is presented below:

Top 6 popular javaScript libraries

The dominance of jQuery is astonishing due to its open-source status and variety of the tasks it can solve and simplify. The other JS libraries are not so often used but help in resolving specific tasks. Also, one should understand that Mentioned libraries have some pitfalls in understanding them.

Thus, Bootstrap.js is more a CSS framework then purely a library in JavaScript, but it is often used as the part of JS solutions. Another portion of confusing can exist because of React presence in the list of libraries and frameworks at the same time. Actually, React combines possibilities of both: there are enough ready solutions as in the library, while it also allows influencing the structure of the code as a typical framework.

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How to hire a JavaScript Developer?

How to Interview a JavaScript Developer and what salary to hire javascript developer?

When the startupper wants to hire a JavaScript developer, it may become a challenge. Despite the fact that the Staff Augmentation approach makes the employing process easier and faster, an entrepreneur should form a list of requirements for the potential candidate. When we make a preselection to define the most appropriate candidates, the employer has to provide a personal interview to be sure that the programmer fits all the needed claims.

General recommendations before hire

We advise providing an in-depth analysis of the workplace aspects and job duties before sending a request, and the list of elements to think about and understand looks like the following:

  • A full structure of tasks that will be transferred to the worker.
  • A clear vision if the programming products can accomplish those tasks.
  • Potential changes/improvements that can be made in future.
  • Ability to check the result of the developer.
  • Set of hard skills related to issue solving.
  • Time frames of the tasks in order to build the right tempo and avoid inconveniences.
  • Set of soft skills to communicate with the software engineer smoothly.

As a rule, the most expensive programmers are located in the NA and Western Europe, while the most attractive prices for startups can be found in Eastern Europe. Moreover, this region has a massive talent pool of developers with appropriate knowledge of English, while the time gap absence, especially for Europeans, is also a benefit.

Specific technologies inside JS to ask about

Even though those recommendations are quite general and can be applied to the whole software sphere, all of them are forming the right strategy before the hiring process began and help to prevent misconduct. In the case of seeking for JavaScript specialist, we formed the following list of hard skills and techniques to rely on (or part of it at least) during the interview to check if the candidate fits your needs. You may ask about:

  • Basic web principles (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Front-end Frameworks (ReactJS, Vue.js, AngularJS, Ember, Preact, Polymer, etc.)
  • Back-end Frameworks (Node.js, Meteor.js, Express.js, etc.)
  • Mobile Frameworks (React Native, Meteor, Ionic, etc.)
  • Libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap.js, Moment, lodash, D3.js, etc.)
  • Code editors (Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code, etc.)
  • Build pipelines (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, etc.)
  • Testing and debugging tools (Jest, Jasmine, Protractor, etc.)
  • Package managers (npm, Bower, Yeoman, etc.)
  • Build automation tools (Grunt, Gulp, etc.)

Without a doubt, it is not a full list of technologies that are related to JS, but it is a core to form questions for the interview. Moreover, none of the existing programmers knows all the technologies mentioned above, so you should ask only about the needed ones. It would be better to dig deeper inside one specific technology and ask about APIs realisation via back-end framework or the DOM structure realisation in React, for instance.

All in all, the recruiting process is not the simplest task, so if some other question arose in your mind - feel free to ask our managers.

Salaries of JavaScript Developers

In order not to overload a reader with tons of wages’ statistics, we prepared a short overview of the most important numbers. We decided to focus on the global wages’ overview for JS developers, determine the dependence of wages towards experience, and to look inside the language to define trends across most popular frameworks.

Average JS salary dependence related
to the experience

We took data of PayScale to define not only the absolute difference among salaries but also to determine the growth percentage depending on the years of experience. The resulting chart is presented below:

The essential aspect this diagram highlights is the stable growth of salaries with receiving experience. Even though data are based on the US wages only, we defined that the average growth rate between the stages is about 1,1, which means that the salary will grow approximately by 10% with every experience stage. We can assume that such a growth rate is actual to other countries, so one can easily calculate future income.

Why hire remote JavaScript programmer in Ukraine?

  • Access to more than 8k JS developers (easy to find a needed specialist to fit your needs)
  • Average salary starts from $1k monthly for junior specialist (significant spends reduce compared to in-home employing)
  • Appropriate communication (time gap absence with Europe, advanced tech English, open-minded but responsible engineers)
  • Reduced hiring time and infrastructure spends (if one relies on Orange Sputnik and Staff Augmentation approach)

We hope this article was useful for you and helped to decide how to find the best JavaScript programmer for your needs.

Average annual salary distribution in 2019-2020: America, Western and Eastern Europe

This chart was formed thanks to Glassdoor.com and Work.ua statistics and showed two crucial aspects. First of all, it confirms the stability of JavaScript as the most popular programming language all over the world with a steady growth of average wages.

Another important element relates to locations. Thus, the US and Switzerland are well-known destinations to earn more than in other countries, which is directly related to the level of life in those countries. The similar situation is with the Scandinavian region, where the level of life is facilitated with the high taxes rates. On the contrary, East Europe and Ukraine, in particular, look more friendly towards potential remote employers in JS programming.

Avarage annual salary distribution across countries 2019-2020

World’s salaries distribution: Angular vs React.js vs Vue.js

The final section will be dedicated to the top-3 most popular JS frameworks used at the front-end of web development. According to Glassdoor.com, the distribution looks like on the following chart:

Worlds salaries distribution angular react vue js

According to the comparison table of JS frameworks salaries from mentioned countries, we may assume that most well-paid specialists are those who know Vue.js with the average salary of almost $66k annually. The second place takes React with slightly more than $61k per year, while Angular is not far away with almost $60k annual wage. However, those numbers are average for only 9 countries, while the distribution of JS frameworks popularity varies significantly. Nevertheless, Vue.js should be admitted as it showed both the best growing trends and the best average salary.

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