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Twice decreased hiring time and about 50% wages savings for a new java programmer is not a dream if you decided to rely on Orange Sputnik. We use Staff Augmentation approach to facilitate startups and enterprises as the most effective way for remote cooperation. We take care about the annoying organisation of workplaces and legal issues for software developers, while you receive a dedicated engineer that is focused only on one project. No need for outsourcing with doubtful results - control your team directly and save money at the same time.

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Java developers hiring:
What they do, Why needed, and Where to find?

  • What tasks are java specialists can accomplish?
    As Java is one of the most versatile programming languages, an experienced coder can build or change all the sides (both front-end and back-end) of reliable software product, while knowing of additional scripts or frameworks expands already ample opportunities.
  • Why are they in huge demand in the software business?
    The regarded engineers use the most widespread coding approach that is popular due to a comparatively simple method of creating a multiplatform soft with support of almost all needed functions in current networking.
  • Where to find the most suitable java programmers?
    Ukraine presents a considerable number of different level developers, which require lower salaries for the same quality compared to Europeans, which opens additional possibilities to startups and IT businesses for further growth.

Located in Ukraine

Being located in Ukraine and having 5+ years of experience in staff augmentation, Orange Sputnik creates the most suitable conditions to hire developers for startups and IT businesses from abroad.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation approach during the COVID-19

Learn more how do Staff Augmentation Services save costs and give more flexibility in hiring and maintaining developers during the COVID-19?

Activities, Types, and Related Skills of Java Programmers

What are they doing in software projects?

As the current requirements for all software developers are broad, IT specialists usually perform many various tasks. Even if we ignore soft skills as a necessary element of appropriate cooperation, java coder has to understand the destination of the final product. It means that such a technical specialist has to know not only a programming language but also various methods of its practical implementation and reciprocity via additional tools. As a result, usual tasks can look like:

  • Detailed preparation to work: defining key directions and purposes of the product, specifying technical instruments that should be used
  • Writing the code
  • Analysis of the result: preparing testing procedure, defining mistakes and bugs, suggesting improvements
  • Overall review of the requirements, code, structure, and final result after implementation of changes

Typical set of skills for Java Developer

Among the most widespread technological requirements for java coders is knowledge of the following (or some of them at least):

  • Frameworks (Spring, MyBatis, Hibernate, Struts, Jersey, GWT, etc.)
  • Servlets and application servers (Tomcat, Jetty, WildFly, Oracle Weblogic, Websphere, etc.)
  • Versions (appropriate releases of SEs, J2SEs, or JDKs)
  • Mapping frameworks (Dozer, MapStruct, JAXB, etc.)
  • API's (JDBC, JMX, AWT, etc.)
  • Libraries for various frameworks (JSL, Mockito, Apache Commons, Guava, etc.)
  • Integrated development environment (Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.)


It is not a full list, nothing to say about integrated aspects (like DI, Boot, or MVC in Spring framework) in the mentioned technics. However, it is enough to understand that java specialist can accomplish diverse tasks, starting with setting a basic data exchange and ending with testing of the web product usability. As the combinations of needed attributes can significantly differ, there can be many types of engineers in this area.

Knowledge of the affined programming would be an advantage

Even though Java can be used outside networks, advanced engineers should know approaches for the internet-used applications. Thus, attainment in HTML, CSS, and PHP is a basis for web developers and will upgrade the level and opportunities of every programmer.
Among other aspects, understanding of databases like SQL, MySQL, or ORM is a must due to its vast usage during the creation of a valid code. If one needs a transformation of already functioning products, experience in other programming languages like C/C++, C#, or Python will be a big plus as allow faster understanding and integrating of the existing structure into the new platform.

Orange Sputnik has 5+ years experience of employing java coders with diverse requirements, including:

  • Sun-certified programmers
  • Junior, senior developers
  • Remote team leads with primary focus on Java
  • Coders for both Apple and Android applications

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“Orange Sputnik twice reduces the time for hiring a developer, while maintaining spendings are about 50% lower compared to keeping a worker in a local office”

How much Java Programmers Earn?

Top-10 coding languages:
average wages and popularity

Top-10 coding languages have a quite different wage rate, which varies from $89 to $127 thousand per year, or about 40%. What is interesting, Java engineers earn $102,000, which is almost a median rate of $98 thousand according to the statistics from Indeed.com. Even more important is the demand for those specialists, which is the highest on the market. Of course, numbers are approximate and can significantly vary from country to country, but the overall trend is confirmed with the chart above.

Avarage salary and job openings by programming language

What salaries are common to
European developers?

The focus on particular states gives much wider differences in average salaries of Java developers, where a Switzs coder earns five times more than the Chinese one. Such a claim is not fully true as the level of every programmer is unknown, but the gap exists, and it is huge.

Annual average salary of Java coders in the world

A quite perspective destination in East Europe from the average salary perspective is definitely Ukraine. Java specialists in this country require twice lower salaries compared to developed European states, nothing to say about the gap compared to world leaders in this sphere. It means that startup from any progressive city like Amsterdam or Boston can save a considerable amount of costs if ready for remote cooperation.

Thanks to firms that provide augmenting approach, diverse digital businesses
get access to 200k+ IT specialists from Ukraine.

Moreover, developers from this state are versatile and reliable workers with appropriate mentality compared to unstable Asians. The almost absent time gap for European startups and widespread English make the situation even better as Ukrainians are flexible in terms of cooperation and creating a dedicated environment even remotely. Actually, one can additionally read how staff augmentation twice reduces the hiring time and overall costs of the project, and why Ukraine is a perfect direction to look at in IT.

Staff Augmentation Benefits

How many java coders are there in the world?

Despite the fact that the IT sector is digital in its nature, it is almost impossible to count the number of java engineers, for instance. The first obstacle is the versatility of programmers who know and use different languages and approaches but can be employed in the narrow area. It means that a company may have on contract a developer with a wide range of abilities, while only a few numbers to the statistics score.

The second obstacle is the inability to analyse collected data appropriately. Thus, one of the most popular methods to count the salary or demand of a particular specialist is to collect data of CVs or offers from a job searching website. However, this approach will also distort the real results due to the inability to check the practical level of engineer or number of specialists that a firm seeks.

Nevertheless, SlashData analysis of the market with defining active programmers gave the results as of below:

Thus, at the end of 2018, there were about 7,6 million employed java professionals, which is the third result among programming languages overall.

Number of active java developers in the world

What about demand and trends?

The demand for Java coding is the most stable on the programming market and, actually, doesn’t decrease for almost ten years. As we stated above, the versatility of this language, the ability to run soft on diverse platforms without changes, and its reliability in terms of security and networking allow staying actual nowadays. The only approach that showed bigger demand and market share during the previous year was Python.

Popularity Java programming language 2020 trends

However, there should be no worries for those who started Java learning or planned to build their startup on it. According to data from Oracle, this language is used by:

  • about 90% of desktops
  • approximately 70% of mobile phones
  • roughly 9 million developers
  • more than 100 million TV devices and all the Blu-ray players

Adding to that information understanding that JavaScripts and many other coding approaches also rely on Java, this programming language will save popularity and massive demand for many years.

Java Developer Interview Questions

If one relies on Orange Sputnik in finding dedicated programmers for a startup, the only step will be interviewing candidates that will satisfy a position description. As small business owners are usually not professional recruiters, here are some recommendations on how to make this process simpler and more effective.

Preparation before Interview

  • Make the candidate feel welcomed and comfortable. It can be achieved by talking about the company, its projects, perspectives, and the role of the person in them. It will show your interest to the person, which is important to create better relations.
  • Begin with easy and general questions. It would be great to ask about soft skills like personal interests, hobbies, how one got into IT, what he/she likes the most in this sphere, expectations. It will add positive emotions to the talk and show communication skills simultaneously.
  • Technical and professional side. When the person is emotionally ready and feels comfortable, ask about the previous work experience and required technical skills (one can use listed below or prepare personal). Usually, the questions about diverse aspects will show if the person really knows the subject and how deals with a fast switch of topics. Here one can identify the level of the individual and if he/she ready for tasks.
  • Practical test. It is highly appreciated to give practical tasks (writing a piece of code or something else) for homework. Chronometers and environment create too much stress for most people, so they usually demonstrate worse results than could. Actually, it may not be necessary if the previous item was thoroughly planned and provided.

Possible questions to ask java coder during an interview:

  1. Basic functions, and types of conversions in Java.
  2. Collections, a hierarchy of interfaces and implementations, what is a hash function and its internal structure, loops, control structures.
  3. Interface, abstract class, several design patterns.
  4. How does JSP, JSTL, Tomcat, or another Servlet container work, which prefers to use and why?
  5. If you need a confident junior, such Advanced topics can reveal it: version control systems Git, Svn, assembly systems Maven, Gradle, Spring, Hibernate, Web-services.
  6. Basic SQL, subqueries, how they work, show a couple of elementary examples.
  7. or web development, you need to ask about the basic things in JS, CSS, and HTML, as well as the main types of HTTP requests.
  8. More about JDBC, for example, what is it and how to work with connection, statement, PreparedStatement, result-set, close connection.
  9. A few questions about multithreading will not hurt, for example, how functions like wait, notify, notify all, sleep, dead-lock work.
  10. I/O streams, basic things, read a line from the console, what are the filters.


The process of finding and hiring an appropriate Java engineer is not easy, so we tried to shed light on it. If you still have some questions, feel free to ask them to our managers that are always ready to help.

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