Startup Accelerators Reviews

During our 8+ years journey of providing software Staff Augmentation services for startups, we’ve gathered a huge community. To help them with useful advice and network expansion, we are doing individual interviews with successful entrepreneurs about the business organisation specifics. Real stories, frank confessions, and unique worldviews of our interviewees are ready to inspire and amaze you.

What do startuppers think about Startup Reykjavik?

Specifics of Iceland Although Iceland is one of the smallest countries in Europe in terms of population with slightly more than 350,000 citizens, the desire to build propellant entrepreneurship is crucial here. Startup Reykjavik was founded to fill the gap of acceleration programs as assistants for starting businesses in the country and already included in

Go Grow Startup Accelerator Review from Participants

PART 2 What do startuppers think about Go Grow? “If one has a startup, dealing with struggles will take about 95% of the time” Martin Witt – founder. Website: Idea: “Design of happiness.” Business Target Audience: Denmark. How can the design of happiness become a startup? The question to yourself “how does the happiness

Go Grow Startup Accelerator Review from Participants

PART 1 The opener in our new rubric will be “Go Grow” – a Danish-based startup accelerator. “Go Grow” accelerator established on the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and they position themselves as an early-stage booster for startups with international growth potential. Important Features & Aspects One of the primary features of this accelerator is their attitude