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During our 8+ years journey of providing software Staff Augmentation services for startups, we’ve gathered a huge community. To help them with useful advice and network expansion, we are doing individual interviews with successful entrepreneurs about the business organisation specifics. Real stories, frank confessions, and unique worldviews of our interviewees are ready to inspire and amaze you.

Accelerator review. What do startups think about the Techstars accelerator? Part 1

Orange Sputnik continues to review the best startup accelerators in Europe. Today we will talk about no ordinary acceleration program but about an industry giant and one of the top three programs globally – the Techstars accelerator. If you are now considering whether it is worth participating in the accelerator, then here is an example

Elevator Startup Labs accelerator review from Modash - Part 2.

We continue to discuss the most notable accelerators and incubators in Europe in our blog. Today, we would like to bring to your attention the second part of the Elevator Startup Labs program review. A few more opinions of ex-alumni, a few more honest views on the pros and cons of the program, a few

Elevator Startup Labs accelerator review from Styleshark - Part 1.

Many startup programs offer not only training, mentoring, networking, the opportunity to get funding and participate in demo days but are also focused on specific industries, such as digital education and green technologies, to offer participants targeted resources and experience. In the case of Elevator Startup Labs, their primary area of interest is advertising, media technology, e-commerce, and entertainment software.

Accelerator review. What do startups think about Imec.istart accelerator? Part 3

And here is the third and final part of our review of the Imec.istart accelerator from Belgium. We have already shared with you exciting feedback from our interviewees and accelerator’s alumni. However, we continue …

Accelerator review. What do startups think about Imec.istart accelerator? Part 2.

Acceleration programs became an integral part of the startup ecosystem. For some, especially first-time founders, it is some kind of a checkbox— you have to go through an accelerator to achieve success. Is it so? We’ll find out soon.

Imec istart startup accelerator review part-1

We continue to tell you about the most exciting and prestigious acceleration programs in Europe. No fiction, just facts – honest feedback from former members. Today, the hero of our blog is a Mercedes among cars, namely one of the top 5 accelerators in Europe, an accelerator from Belgium – Imec.istart.

What are the conditions of joining a startup accelerator?

Startup – is like a child; no one can be sure that it will reach astonishing results but cares about it in the best possible way. How did startups become so shaking nowadays? The influence of business you can see in all the spheres of human life, but precisely startups have already become a driving

Birdhouse startup accelerator review - Part 2

The never-ending story is coming to an end! Today, in our blog, you will find the second and final part of our review of the accelerator from Belgium – Birdhouse. A few more feedback from former program participants will shed light on various aspects of this European accelerator. What to expect from participation, what do you need to be prepared for, and is the accelerator’s value the same for different startups?

Birdhouse startup accelerator review - Part 1

We continue to share with you insights and facts about the most attractive European acceleration programs. Today, the hero of our next review is Birdhouse, an accelerator from Belgium. “Work on explosive growth under intensive supervision and gain access to expertise, capital, and the most valuable network,” promises an accelerator to its participants.

Tech Founders Startup Accelerator Review - Part 2

The second part of TechFounders accelerator review is ready for your attention. Two exciting technical startups presented their opinion about the cooperation with the Munich-based program. How are the advantages of TechFounders realised on practice, and what can one achieve with the help of this acceleration program? Fascinating ideas of interviewees are also highlighted.

Tech Founders Startup Accelerator Review - Part 1

Techfounders startup accelerator is a quite interesting destination for young businesses due to its technical specifics and obligatory pilot project for every participant. They also give starting bonus without equity requirements and are open for international entrepreneurs. What are the other perks they ready to suggest and where the pitfalls are hidden? The first part of the Techfounders review is already published.

Start it KBC Startup Accelerator review Part 3

What do participants say about Start it @KBC? “I needed advice, the right environment to grow, free office space, network, and appropriate preceptor. Those aspects were almost perfect” François Gerard – founder. François Gerard – founder. Website:  Idea: “Online platform to finding/suggesting everyday help for people that need it.” Business Target Audience: Belgium. Social

Start it KBC Startup Accelerator review Part 2

What do participants say about Start it @KBC? “Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs who can share practical experience is the biggest advantage” Sam Boribon – founder. Website:  Idea: “Digital assistance with one-on-one meetings.” Business Target Audience: Worldwide. How do one-on-one meetings help on workplaces? People usually spend from one third to quarter of their

Start it KBC Startup Accelerator review Part 1

We continue widening the geography of European startup accelerators with the next stop in Belgium. Although the country is not among the biggest in Europe, it is one of the most influential and open to cooperation. Start it @KBC accelerator is not only the most significant helper to entrepreneurs with offices in all the biggest

What do startuppers think about APX startup accelerator?

“They believe in strong teams, so few co-founders is an advantage during the interview” Rasa Gentvilaitė Žiemienė – co-founder. Website: Idea: “Mobile app that helps in training dogs.” Business Target Audience: Worldwide. Can mobile applications help with dogs? People own pets for different reasons, but information that about half of them in Sweden is

APX Startup Accelerator review

APX Accelerator review – Part 1

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 by Orange Sputnik

Most notable features We continue the section of Startup Accelerators. Today it will be a review of APX. This Berlin-based company helps young entrepreneurs in their intentions to conquer the world. Amid their primary features are experience in this field and financial help to newcomers. Thus, they give to those who entered the program 50k